Three Simple Ways to Keep Urine Warm for a Drug Test

Keeping urine warm is very important when it comes to passing a drug test. Just in case you were not aware, the human body is able to keep urine at 98 degrees. Of course, you won’t be able to keep this temperature if you let urine sit in a cup somewhere for a while or if you opt to place it in your refrigerator.


Facility Requirements

The majority of drug testing facilities require that the urine specimen is 90 to 100 degrees; therefore, one can under-heat or overheat with a little bit of error, but it is important to keep in mind that once urine is placed in a cup, it will begin to cool off quite rapidly.

Three Simple Ways to Keep Urine Warm for a Drug Test

There are methods that one can take advantage of in order to keep urine warm. The variety of different methods that are available to keep urine warm are definitely quite a lot. This can definitely cause a bit of confusion when you are trying to decide which one of the bunch is the best option.

There are three methods, in particular, that have been able to stand out from the crowd for being able to keep urine warm at the ideal temperature. Millions of people around the globe have already tried them and have attained what they wanted which is to basically pass a drug test.

  • Mircowave Option

In order to keep urine warm, you can opt to microwave it before you decide to depart to the testing facility. Numerous of individuals often turn to microwaves because it is a very common warming device that can be found in most kitchens. There are times when this is the only heating device that is available in a kitchen space. If it can heat your popcorn and porridge, it can definitely heat your drug test urine as well. All you have to do is place the cup of urine in it for about ten seconds. Leaving it for this amount of time will get it to be 100 degrees. Next, it is recommended that you place it in your pocket in order for it not to lose it warmth. That is all there is to it. Remember, microwaving urine will only keep it warm for a short period of time; therefore, you have to make sure to make it to the testing facility as quickly as you can.

  • Hand Warmers

Hand warmers are one of the most used options to keeping urine warm for a drug test. All you have to do is place the urine into a sealed bag. If you have normal hand warmers, you have to tape or rubber band them to the bag that contains the urine. If your hand warmers are sticky, then you can just stick them right on the bag. That is all there is to it! Once they are heated up, they will be able to provide sufficient heat energy to keep your urine at the desire temperature. Make sure to place the bag in your pocket.

  • Heat it in a Pot

The third and final method consists of placing urine in a pot. Make sure to not heat it for more than three minutes on a stove that it is already heated. If you go overboard with the heating, let it cool off a bit before making your way to the facility center. Place it in a bag so that you can place it in your pocket.

Sticky Temperature Gauges Are a Must

In order for you to play it 100% safe, we recommend that you purchase sticky temperature gauges. This is a great way to know the exact temperature of your urine once it is in the bag. Just stick one outside the bag to find out. If you stop and think about it, it is always better to prevent than lament.

As you can conclude, it can definitely be a piece of cake keeping urine warm when you follow one of three already stated methods. Make sure that the one you choose to undertake you follow to the ‘T.’ These methods have already helped a lot of people pass their drug tests, and they can certainly help you, too.


The Best Ways To Pass A Drug Test After Smoking Weed

There are several circumstances in a person’s life, where they may need to take a drug test. Many employers these days, require their employees have a pre-employment drug screen. There are also several legal issues where you would need to take a drug test.

While there are several drugs that remain in your system for only 72 hours, such as cocaine, meth, and heroine, weed takes a lot longer to get out of your system. In order to pass a drug test if you smoke week, you would need to have not smoked any, or not been in close quarter with others when they are smoking, for at least 30 days. If you were a regular user for years, it could take longer than 30 days. The most effective way of passing a drug test when you smoke weed is to stop smoking for 30 days before the test. Unfortunately, this will not always work. If you are going to take a drug test for a job or on a court order, you will not have 30 days notice. You will need to find another way to get it out of your system, so that you pass the test.


Passing a Urine Test After Smoking Weed

  • Dilute the Sample: Many people try to dilute their sample, so that it will reduce the concentration of the drug in the sample. The only problem with this method, is that many drug labs now test the samples to detect dilution. If you are desperate, and you decide to try diluting your sample, it is important that you use warm water. The temperature of each sample is recorded, therefore, cold water will raise a red flag.
  • Water: It is a common misconception that drinking large amounts of water will dilute your sample, giving you a negative result. The problem with this is, if you hand the lab tech colorless urine due to drinking so much water, it can raise a red flag. It can also be dangerous to drink such a large amount of water.
  • Substitute the Sample: When people are trying to beat a drug test after smoking weed, they will often substitute the sample. You can either use another person’s urine, who does not smoke, or your can purchase synthetic urine. Synthetic urine comes in either a liquid or powder form, and is found in many smoke shops. It is important that you follow the directions to the letter, to keep from getting caught. Your sample needs to be at just the right temperature, or the lab will know that the sample is not genuine. If you use another person’s sample, you should make sure that you can keep the sample warm until it is time to transfer it to the cup.


Passing a Hair Strand Test After Smoking Weed

strand-of-hair-for-passing-drug-testSome labs use a hair strand test to test for drug usage. This test can tell whether you have smoked weed in the past few months. When this test is performed, the tech will cut between 50 and 80 strands of hair, from the base of the crown of your head. The tech will need hair that is at least 1 inch long. If you are bald, or have very short hair, they will use facial, chest, or underarm hair to perform the test.

  • Get Clean Shampoo: This shampoo will mask all unwanted toxins. This product is very simple to use. Simply wet your hair, and soak with the shampoo. Cover your head with a shower cap, and let it sit for 30 minutes. The process should be repeated with the second half of the bottle. This product is effective for only 4 to 5 hours, therefore, you should use it on the day of your drug test for best results.
  • Sarken Nutrition Hair Detox Shampoo Kit: This shampoo kit will help temporarily rid your hair of toxins. You would need to use this product the night before your test, and the day of for maximum results.


Passing a Mouth Swab Test After Smoking Weed

altoids-for-passing-marijuana-drug-testMore and more labs are using mouth swab tests to test for drug use. It is cheaper and quicker than a urine sample. If you are going to have a mouth swab test, there are a few things that you can try.

  • Altoids: Many people have had great results by placing Altoids on the inside of both cheeks for a few hours before their drug test.
  • Ultra Wash Mouth Wash: This product is used the same way that a regular mouthwash is. You would simply rinse your mouth with this product before having your test done. It will remove all toxins form the saliva, giving you a negative result.

For people who smoke weed, the sudden news that you need to take a drug test can be upsetting. Luckily, however, there are ways to beat the test and test negative.


Top Detox Kits For Drug Tests

If you’re considering a detox kit to pass a drug test, you should be aware that not all kits are created equally. In fact some detox kits work no better than simply flushing your system with water. Your job and future may be contingent on you passing this test, so there is no room for failure. This article can help by pointing you to those Detox Kits with a proven record for helping more people pass their drug test. Keep in mind, however, even if they offer a 100% money back guarantee, there is still a chance these kits may not work. However, using these kits can greatly increase your odds and help you keep your job in an emergency situation.

When looking for a good Detox kit the following should be kept in mind:

  • It should offer a Money Back Guarantee.
  • It should be made of natural ingredients and be drug free.
  • There should be a website with positive comments from previous consumers.
  • There should be no known side-effect from taking the product.

Keeping these points in mind while researching the top detox kits for drug tests; we came up with a few kits that stood out for being safe and reliable with no known side effects. We have listed the three best detox kits available. Hopefully this list will help you make a better, more informed decision on which detox kit might be the right one for you.

Check this video out for more:

 Top Detox Kits For Drug Tests

Herbal Clean Premium Detox 7 Day Comprehensive Cleansing Program

Herbal Clean Premium detox is one of the most sophisticated cleansing programs in the world. This kit promises to clean blood, saliva and urinary tract within 7 days. The premium detox program flushes most common drugs from the body such as THC, Cocaine, Meth and Alcohol. Each box of herbal clean comes with 3 tablets, a morning set, an evening set and the exclusive 1 hour jumpstart. The Jumpstart capsule is for emergency situations and can cleanse your system in an hour. There have been many positive responses from users of Herbal Clean Premium detox. Of course it’s all natural and 100% free of any unwanted side effects. If you want more on drug detox, click this link.


QCarbo’s Total Critical Cleaning package.

This kit offered by QCarbo contains everything you need to pass any test including urine, hair, blood and mouth swab tests. This kit includes Perma Clean for the blood, Super quick caps for urine, Ultra wash for saliva and Zydot Ultra cream shampoo for hair test. Many times when you are required to take a drug test, you are not made aware of what kind of test it will be. By arming yourself with QCarbos Total Critical Cleaning Package, you will be prepared for any eventuality. This also comes with a home kit so that you can test yourself to be sure you are clean.


Vales Two Month extensive cleansing program

This extensive cleansing offered by Vale allows you to clean and detoxify your system gradually over a period of time. This is probably the best cleansing program available, if you have the time to complete it, but there is also a plan within the Two Month Extensive Cleansing program that will increase your odss of passing your drug test even if you have not completed the program. This kit works through a natural process of ridding your liver of toxins as well as introducing Omega-3 to help improve your digestions and greatly accelerate the excretion of wastes.

While there are possibly many other kits out there that may or may not work, the above referenced kits are amongst the top recommended kits for completely cleansing your body of toxins. However, even the best detoxification kit is not going to be reliable 100% of the time. If you do your research, you will find that the above detox kits have a better than average success rate. The majority of comments posted about these kits are praises for helping them pass their test, but there will still be those who say it didn’t work at all. Failure, however, is often the fault of not accurately following the instructions. If you follow the instructions carefully and use these products prior to testing, you have a very good chance of passing that test.